The PrismaMINI-HDMI-DP was designed by our in-house engineers and is a cost efficient, compact, high quality industrial interface solution.

Based on ST’s new Chandler scaler chip, the PrismaMINI-HDMI-DP functions can be customized to your own project requirements. With our developers you can also define the shape of the PCB along with output and input interfaces.

The outstanding features of PrismaMINI-HDMI-DP:

  • PrismaMINI-DP/HDMI (medium)Very space saving and cost efficient
  • Operating Temperature of -20 to +80°C
  • HDCP compliant
  • Single-LVDS output (max. 1366x768)
  • Serial interface (UART, RS-232) for remote control via remote OSD
  • DDC interface to control the most important image parameters, to make an OSD keypad superfluous
  • Optimized design for supporting LED TFTs
  • Serial interface (UART, RS-232) for remote OSD control (command set file on request)
  • DDC/CI functions at DP and HDMI auxiliary channel

Custom options of PrismaMINI-HDMI-DP:

  • Wide choice of input interfaces
    (max, input resolution 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz)
    • HDMI
    • DVI
    • Display Port
    • VGA
  • Dual-LVDS output (max. 1920x1200)
  • Serial interface (UART, RS-232) for remote control via remote OSD


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