The Artista IoT (Internet of Things) is a Raspberry Pi Compute Module (CM3) based controller, suitable for connecting a number of different TFT displays.

The Artista IoT is not only a simple Raspberry Pi TFT controller, but the perfect basis for cost-efficient IoT and Industry 4.0 applications.

The advantages of this solution are:

  • Long term availability
  • Real-time clock
  • Flat passive cooler option
  • Special functions such as Colour Calibration, Gamma Correction and DICOM pre-set

Our industrial Raspberry Pi solution allows the direct connection of almost all common TFT display types without additional hardware. This solution can be easily integrated into the Medical, Avionic, Digital Signage or Industrial HMI sector.

At temperatures of +25 deg C the Raspberry Pi reduces the performance of the CPU to protect the cores. As a solution to this we have designed a flat passive cooler which enables the CPU to perform fully at temperatures of +40 deg C.

Our Artista IoT Raspberry Pi controller can be easily integrated into existing Windows and Linux environments and can easily be adapted to suit your individual needs. Pre-installed Raspbian technology ensures a quick set up and also gives access to large community support network.

Artista IoT (large)

We can offer this Raspberry PI controller as one of our kit solutions, with a 10.1" TFT display and PCAP multi-touch, a Base Board plus all the appropriate cables. This kit supports developers to start their own projects in a fast and uncomplicated way.

Without the need to use an expensive PC with a large number of peripherals, this industrial Raspberry PI solution can be used for intelligent connection of almost any device without any license costs and is therefore best suited for embedded applications.

For more information on our Artista IoT Raspberry PI Controller please contact us today on 01480 411600 to see how we can help you find the perfect display solution.

Operating systems and software for the Artista IoT


Raspbian is a free operating system based on Debian and optimised for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. This operating system provides all the basic programs that get your Raspberry Pi up and additional precompiled software for easy installation on your Compute module. The large Raspberry Pi developer community provides support through the forum.




The Emteria operating system features an industrial Android ™ for our Artista IoT. Quickly installed and based on AOSP 7.1, it simplifies your development process and is the perfect foundation for all types of human-machine interaction. Emteria includes all major enhancements and security updates and is backward compatible.



The info-beamer software was developed specifically for all types of digital signage applications and also supports the Artista IoT hosted with info-beamer . The software is quick and easy to install, offering a variety of options from synchronized video walls, to conference room management, to electronic public transport schedules.



Video Poster-IV

Based on our BaseBoard with Raspberry Pi, we developed the network player VideoPoster-IV. It is full HD capable and plays various media files either from the 3GB internal flash memory or from a microSD card. Videos are optionally transmitted via Ethernet or USB . An FTP connection is also possible.

Video Poster IV

Artista IoT Starter Kit

The Artista IoT Starter Kit has been designed to help developers implement a project quickly and easily. The kit comes equipped with pre-installed Raspbian, giving access to the support of the huge community.

Artista IoT Starter Kit content includes:

  • 10.1 "TFT display with
    • 500cd / m² brightness
    • Integrated backlight converter
    • Wide viewing angle of v / h 170 ° / 170 °
    • Working temperature range from -20 to + 70 ° C
  • Multi-touch PCAP touch screen
  • Artista IoT with integrated Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM3
  • Pre-installed Raspbian
  • Cable


Video: Our American sister company Apollo Displays demonstrates the Artista-IoT Starter Kit.

ArtistaGUI II

The ArtistaGUI-II user interface is ideal for TFT displays using all applications. Its user friendly designs will allow you to achieve your goals effortlessly and swiftly. The videos below demonstrate the user interface.

This video shows you how to quickly and easily create an individual, complex graphical user interface for Artista-IoT applications with the Embedded Wizard.

This video shows you how to quickly and easily create an individual, complex graphical user interface for Artista-IoT applications with QML/QT.

Artista IoT Galleries

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