The PrismaMIPI-HDMI is a TFT controller designed for MIPI TFT displays. It consists of a baseboard configured specifically for the respective displays and a HDMI to MIPI-DSI bridge module. A cost efficient, compact, high quality industrial interface solution.

The PrismaMIPI-HDMI functions can be customised to your own project requirements. With our developers you can also define the shape of the PCB along with output and input interfaces.

Prisma MIPI-HDMI Features:

  • 1 clock lane and 1 - 4 configurable data lanes per port
  • 80Mb/s - 1.5Gb/s per data lane
  • Supports Burst Mode and Command Mode
  • Operating Temperature range -40 to +85°C
  • Storage Temperature range -40 +125°C
  • Outputs MIPI-DSI
  • Inputs [Vcc in] HDMI1.4
  • HDCP 1.4 support

Custom options of Prisma MIPI-HDMI:
• SPDIF and 8-channel IIS audio output


PrismaMIPI-LVDS is a TFT controller board developed especially for TFT Displays with MIPI interface. It consists of a baseboard, which is configured for the corresponding display and a single/dual LVDS to MIPI-DSI bridge module.

Prisma MIPI-LVDS Features:

  • Single/dual LVDS
  • 1 Clock Lane and 3/4 data lanes per port
  • Up to 1.2Gb/s per data lane
  • supports VESA and JEIDA standard
  • Resolution up to1080P 60Hz for dual LVDS
  • Temperature range -40 to +85°C
Display Configuration

The Prisma-MIPI is configured for each TFT display with MIPI interface. This can be a bespoke configuration on a project by project basis or we have the following TFT displays with pre-configured versions available as a standard:

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