Optical Bonding enables us to laminate all kinds of cover glasses to touch screens and or LCD’s. Using our Vacubond® process, we can insert a high-quality Opto a-gel between the coverglass/touchscreen & LCD.

How does the VacuBond® optical bonding process work?

Using the VacuBond®, various components are bonded together with the high-performance silicone Opto a-Gel in a clean room.

The optical bonding fills the air gaps between the individual components and reduces the reflection of light on the surfaces by 99 percent! So the readability of our TFT displays is excellent, with perfect contrast and colour brilliance.

The displays also maintain this visibility and quality even when being used outdoors and in bright light.


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Optical bonding clients tend to prefer the longer life PREMIUM industrial panels. Please see this ranges with 5 years longevity statements.

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Why VacuBond®?

In this modern age, more and more manufacturers provide TFT displays with an integrated PCAP touch screen as standard. However, in many cases a special/custom front glass is needed for better protection or an improved design.

Our VacuBond optical bonding process provides an excellent solution and, following our recent install of two larger machines this year we can now bond TFT displays up to a size of 32”.

We can provide touch displays and custom protective glasses as required and optical bonding with zero optical defect production.

What are the benefits of Optical Bonding/VacuBond®?

  • Increased vibration and shock resistance
  • Increased Contrast
  • No condensation or fogging
  • Zero contamination (of dust and dirt)
  • Improved heat dissipation (heat can dissipate through the front glass)

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What can be optically bonded using the VacuBond®process?

  • TFT displays up to a maximum size of 32”
  • Cover glasses onto TFT displays with integrated PCAP touch
  • PMMA/Acrylic glass
  • All types of touch screens and/or protective glass
  • The rear of the TFT cell to eliminate free air spaces
  • Direct bonding into your housing/bezel
  • Modern TFT displays without solid frame/housing

Tempering/Pre-Aging Heating Cabinets

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Our head office in Munich has special industrial heating cabinets and we can use this facility to provide a pre-aging/tempering service.

Modules up to a size of 21.5” can be exposed to temperatures between +30 and + 300°C. By doing this we can detect weak points and prevent future breakdowns of equipment.

We can undertake experiments over a number of days to your temperature requirements.

Optical Bonding Service

Through our head office (Data Display Group) in Germering, we are able to offer our VacuBond® optical bonding service for any display, part of our range or not, up to a size of 32”.

Not only do we have the production facility in Germering, we also have an identical facility in our American subsidiary Apollo.

Thanks to further demand for our optical bonding service we have installed additional production facilities. One in Dysina/Pilsen in the Czech Republic and an extra in Ronkonkoma, NY.


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