Our futuristic Display Technology can help deliver a 21st-century kiosk experience

In a landscape where consumers are demanding time-efficient and modern solutions to their journeys through stores and service, Display Technology holds the answers to revolutionising sectors like retail.

We’ve ushered in the rollout of high-definition self-service kiosks into a number of industry-leading businesses, allowing their customers to breeze through scenarios like checkout, check-in. Moreover, smart kiosk solutions are helping businesses cut costs by reducing staffing requirements, allowing retail firms to be far more mobile – improving scalability.

The Problem with Current Solutions

The traditional kiosk involves face-to-face contact with clerks. For example, transportation providers like airports employ staff to handle the check-in of individual travellers. In our pandemic age, any form of close contact places passengers and staff at risk of infection.

Smart kiosks are a safer way to facilitate these tasks, reducing contact and opportunities for infection while increasing efficiency metrics like passenger throughput. Smart kiosks are far cheaper to deploy and maintain than clerks, and therefore it increases the capability of firms like airports to scale their capacity organically by installing more kiosks.

However, early-generation display technology introduced some usability issues with displays that weren’t bright enough, unresponsive touch-screen technology and slow embedded systems.

The Solution

To tackle these key concerns and improve the passenger journey, our experts at Display Technology place their focus on responsiveness and user satisfaction. That’s why we’ve partnered with Zytronic to deliver a truly next-generation touch experience.

Zytronic creates custom projected capacity touch panels for our customers’ applications. These touchscreens are incredibly durable, able to withstand years of heavy use, facing millions of customers with ease. Their state-of-the-art touch sensitivity technology responds to the lightest of touches.

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