Display Technology has experience in providing interactive and non-interactive touch screen kiosk solutions to a range of customers. Digital technology has become a part of modern society and therefore is commonly seen in many retail environments.

As a result of this we have produced our own complete system solutions, using comprehensive networking software and a comfortable user software for content management. The versions we have available are the VideoPoster-IV which is a Full HD capable video player, and the ArtistaMEDIA which is a standard definition video player.

Display Technology Industrial Media Players

As mentioned above, our industrial media players (the VideoPoster-IV and ArtistaMEDIA) are our own complete solutions and provide a fully functional complete system from one source. We strive for high performance touch screen kiosk solutions so our system has a low cost of total ownership, offers high quality content representation and we can also offer project support for individual requirements. This can be provided with a high brightness display and touch experience, and can all be incorporated into a customized housing designed by our very own CAD design team.

Key Advantages of our touch screen Kiosk/Vending Solutions include:

  • Personalised content
  • Immersive customer experience
  • Relieve workload of staff
  • Higher efficiency

Zytronic Displays

Through our long standing relationship with Zytronic we are able to offer large format multi-touch PCAP’s ranging from a size of 10.4” all the way up to 65”. These can be customized to your requirements with vandal proof glass thickness, custom colours and logos.

How can Touch Screen Kiosks Benefit Your Business?

Incorporating touch screen kiosks into businesses has become extremely popular with both staff and customers alike. The world around us becomes more familiar with touch screen technology, with many of us using touch screen devices on a daily basis. Touch screen kiosks can provide a great user experience to a customer, offering additional convenience and improved customer service.

Due to their popularity, well-known brands have already taken advantage of touch screen kiosks to help them to not only understand the shopping behaviour of their customers but to also provide a better shopping experience that will ensure customers return.

Customising the Shopping Experience

Touch screen kiosks are capable of customising a customer’s experience by engaging with them on a personal level. Kiosks can give customers the option to log in and store personal information, allowing them to make choices efficiently and improve their buying experience.

This kind of efficiency can reduce queues and other waiting times that customers may feel reluctant to stick around for. For example, if a customer wants to know if a product is in stock, they can find this information quickly through touch screen kiosks and don’t have to wait around for staff.

This frees up quality time for your staff to give better face-to-face service and do more challenging tasks that improve the quality of your business and the services it offers.

Increase Your Sales

Touch screen kiosks gives you the perfect opportunity to advertise promotions and offers as a way of upselling to the customer. For example, if a customer comes into your store for just a loaf of bread and see that butter and eggs are also on sale, they may feel more inclined to stock up whilst they’re currently on offer.

Touch Screen Kiosks Can Greatly Benefit Your Business By

  • Personalising each customer shopping experience
  • Help you to understand your customers shopping behaviour
  • Improving business efficiency
  • Giving staff more quality time with customers
  • Helping to increase sales through the promotion of products
  • Helping  you to understand your customers shopping behaviour

Touch Screen Components (large)

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