If you find that the interfaces of your components are not compatible, we can supply you with one of our adapter boards to make set up easier. 

IF392M - LVDS to TTL

Interface Boards - IF392 LVDS to TTL (medium)Ideal for easy integration of small TFT displays, the IF392M connect TFT displays from a size of 4.3” to 5” with Flexible Flat cables (FFC) to an LVDS interface.


  • Integrated LED Driver
  • On-board resistive, 4, 5 and 8 wire touch controller for USB/serial interface
  • Compact solution
  • Optional RS232 interface for touch controller
  • Supports analogue backlight dimming and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)

Supported TFT’s:


  • Interface Boards - LVDS to EDP (medium)For TFT displays with an eDp interface, the LVDS2eDP adapter board allows you to connect dual-lane eDP TFT displays up to a resolution of WUXGA (1920x1200) to a dual-LVDS interface.
  • The backlight and power control are looped through the adaptor and operating temperature range is -20 to +80°C.


  • Interface Boards - EDP to LVDS (medium)Integrates industrial TFT displays to IPC’s/SBC’s with an eDP interface.
  • With the eDP2LVDS you can connect single/dual LVDS TFT displays up to a resolution of WUXGA (1920x1200) to a single or dual-lane eDP interface.
  • The backlight and power control are looped through the adaptor and operating temperature range is -25 to +80°C.

IF408 - for TFT with (UJU) connector

Interface Boards - IF408 (medium)The IF408 adapter board allows you to connect TFT displays with:

  • (UJU) PF050-051B-C20-F connector (e.g. Samsung's LTI460HZ01-V) to an LVDS interface.

(Please note the IF408 is now end of life. Contact us for more details or to discuss an alternative solution.)

IF414 - DC to DC converter with wide input voltage range

Interface Boards - IF414 (medium)The IF414 is suited to connecting 12V units to 24V Vcc or 12V units to a board voltage net with strongly shifting Vcc such as a bus, train or truck. 


  • Vcc out = 12V
  • Operating temperature range from -20 to +80°C
  • Up to 5A output
  • Wide input voltage range Vcc in = +8V…+36V

IF419 - LVDS

Interface Boards - IF414 (medium)The IF419 provides easy integration of the Innolux' TFT display G170J1-LE1 or TFT displays using the MOLEX connectors 5018643091 and 436501013 via a cable set to an LVDS and backlight interface.


  • Inputs [Vcc in] - LVDS
  • Outputs - MOLEX 5018643091 and 436501013

IF420 - Gender Board

Interface Boards - IF414 (medium)The IF420 gender board allows you to easily connect the Ortustech TFT Displays COM70H7M24ULC and COM50H5N01ULC to an LVDS and backlight interface. Additionally the LED backlight converter is integrated on the board.


  • LVDS and Backlight input with wire to board connectors
  • Integrated LED driver MPS MP3391 for 12V input voltage
  • Backlight control via PMW (100Hz – 20 kHz)
  • Operating temperature range from -30 to +85°C
  • Inputs [Vcc in]: LVDS connector JAE FI-X30SSLA-HF. Backlight connector Molex 53261-0600
  • Outputs: Panel FFC IMSA-9699S-30A-GFN1

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