The purpose of WebPoster monitors is to continually display website content. Based on the embedded Linux system the WebPosters are classic network devices and configured via a web browser.

Based upon the POS-Line monitor range the WebPoster displays are available in sizes 10.4” up to 65”, benefiting from robust metal housing making it a rugged product.

Once configured the WebPoster display will connect to your chosen website and begin a continuous steam of content. No other input devices are required as any configurations can be made easily via the network, meaning there is no need to make changes on the display itself.

Any updates to the website will automatically be displayed. In the rare cases that the website doesn’t support this protocol then updates can be scheduled and programmed into the configuration menu to ensure the content display is correct. Using an integration embedded operating system has the benefit of no additional costs for system updates.

Typical Applications:
• Digital Signage
• Navigation systems
• Information Displays

All displays come pre-installed with the embedded operating system. Set up time simply requires a very short configuration process and the monitor is ready to display your website.

For more information on our Web Poster Displays please contact us today on 01480 411600 to see how we can help you find the perfect display solution.

Webposter Display (large)

You have various options when choosing your display, customised designs are also available. For more information on WebPoster Displays download the product brochure.

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