If you’re looking for a complete kit solution rather including a TFT display and TFT controller board with all the necessary components we offer a range of kits.

Based on your application requirements you can select a TFT display, which we will then team up the best suited TFT controller. All kits can be tailor-made to fit your brief.

Kit Example:

  • TFT Display
  • TFT Controller
  • LED Converter to control backlighting
  • Touchscreen
  • Interface Board
  • Cables

The TFT Controller is available with a number of different interfaces including RGB, DVB, HDMI, USB and LAN. Once you have selected the TFT display the TFT controller can then be configured to link the two components together and tested. Upon a successful outcome you have a kit solution you can start using straight away.

Call us to discuss your exacting requirements and how we can work together to deliver a solution that’s right for you.

with TFT controller (large)

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