Kit Solution with ARM Raspberry PI

As we see ARM platforms becoming a more popular choice, in their compact form, it is important to ensure you choose a stable and secure ARM based TFT display application. Our kits can be customised to meet your project requirements, with capability of using the Raspberry PI.

The Artista-IoT TFT Controller for the Internet of Things

The Artista-IoT plug and play solution uses a base board and the Raspberry PI Computer Module CM3. Ideal if you are looking to design cost-effective applications for the IoT and Industry 4.0 that can be up and running straight away.

Kit Example:

  • TFT Controller
  • TFT Display (Comptable displays include Ampire: AM1280800P2TZQW-00H, AM-1280800P3TZQW-00H & AM-1280800P3TZQW-10H, AUO: G084SN05V9 & G101EVN01.0, Innolux: G070Y2-L01, G104X1-L03, G104X1-L04 & G121I1-L01, LG: LB121S03-TL04, NLT: NLB150XG01L-01, Mitsubishi: AA050MG03, Sharp: LQ150X1LG71, SGD: GKTV57NNBG1E0)
  • Accessories, Cables etc.
  • HDMI Gender

Artista IoT (large)

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