On this page you will find software and documentation for our VideoPoster media players to download.

Software for discontinued DigiPoster products is available on request.


Manual VideoPoster-IV

Platform Name Date Version Size Remark
VideoPoster VideoPoster-IV Manual 06/11/2018 1.1 File size: 1MB  
VideoPoster Information VideoPoster January 15, 2020 01/2020 File size: 4MB  


Software Artista Control Center (ACC)

  • Creation of playlists
  • Transfer of playlists via Ethernet
  • New: Device Manager for easy administration of the attached mediaplayers
  • New: Monitoring for the attached media players with status display
  • Free software

Please click here for video tutorials which explain the features of the ACC software.

Platform Name Date Version Size Remark
VideoPoster ArtistaControlCenter ACC3 27.04.2018 3.26.0 Filesize: 19MB  
VideoPoster ACC3 User Manual 27.04.2018 3.26.0 Filesize: 955kB  
VideoPoster ACC3 Release Notes 27.04.2018 3.26.0 Filesize: 479kB


Software Artista Device Finder (ADF)

  • Software for setting the network interface of Digi-/VideoPosters
  • ADF scans the network for connected mediaplayers and lists them
  • Network parameters of found devices can be easily edited
Platform Name Date Version Size Remark
VideoPoster ArtistaDeviceFinder 06.05.2015 1.2.0 Filesize: 5MB  
VideoPoster ADF Release Notes 06.05.2015 1.2.0 Filesize: 111kB  
VideoPoster ADF User Manual 06.05.2015 1.2.0 Filesize: 250kB


Software Http Control Demo

Http Control Demo is software to demonstrate the functionality of the network interface of our media players DigiPoster-III and VideoPoster-III and IV.

The software interface is based on the HTTP protocol. It is documented and thus allows an easy integration of the media players into existing content management systems.

The software can be installed directly on Windows PCs for testing.
It is written in C# based on .NET 3.5. The source code can be downloaded here as well.

Currently HttpCtrl provides the following network functions:

  • Upload playlists from the content management system directly to the media player
  • Switch between different playlists
  • Switch off the display
  • Query the current player status


Platform Name Date Version Size Remark
VideoPoster Http Ctrl Demo Setup 21.06.2013 1.4.0 Filesize: 696kB  
VideoPoster Http Ctrl Demo Source 1.4.0 24.06.2013 1.4.0 Filesize: 34kB  
VideoPoster Http Ctrl Demo Release Notes 24.06.2013 1.4.0 Filesize: 183kB  
VideoPoster Http Ctrl Demo Protocol Specification 06.05.2015 1.4.0 Filesize: 492kB


Firmware VideoPoster-IV

Platform Name Date Version Size Remark
VideoPoster VideoPoster-IV Firmware Update 08.06.2018 1.2.0 Filesize: 134MB  
VideoPoster VideoPoster-IV Release Notes 08.06.2018 1.2.0 Filesize: 727kB  
VideoPoster Open Source Compliance 26.10.2017 1.3 Filesize: 191kB


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