Compact Raspberry PI Plug & Play Solution: IoT Compact Panels

Published: 2 January 2018

Compact Raspberry PI Plug & Play Solution: IoT Compact Panels

The Compact Raspberry PI Plug & Play offers a compact, effective TFT Display Solution to suit a wide array of customer applications.

The Raspberry PI Plug and Play solution features IoT compact panels, which have been designed for TFT display solutions to suit a range of sizes (7” to 27”). The Raspberry Pi-based TFT controller Artista-IoT is mounted on the rear display in a rugged metal housing. The product solution can be integrated quickly and easily into customer applications, including industry 4.0 projects or the Internet of Things. In addition to this any applications requiring costly industrial monitors can benefit from this concept too.

Iot Compact Panels Benefits:

  • High quality industrial TFT displays and components.
  • Plug & play solution, once connected no further set up is required.
  • The integrated passive cooling allows the IoT Compact Panels to be operated continuously under full load even at high ambient temperatures without reducing the output.

Using the Artista-IoT TFT controller allows the IoT Compact Panels to offer all the advantages of an ARM-PC as the front interfaces single 12V power supply, LAN, HDMI-IN, 2xUSB, Line Out and microSD. Additional options of internal interfaces including USB, LVDS, I²C, UART and power supply via DC / DC converters are available.

The solutions TFT backlight has the option to be controlled automatically via an ambient light sensor or via the on-screen display using a separate keypad. WLAN and bluetooth are connected using USB dongles.

Featuring a HDMI input the Compact Raspberry PI Plug and Play system can be used for displaying external content.

A Tidy Solution

With no lengthy set up or installation required the compact raspberry PI solution avoids any cable mess. Creating a solution that saves production time and improves EMC, which in turn reduces time required for approval.

Typical Applications

The solution includes a fully-fledged integrated scaler chip, which provides a number of special functions. Not limited to be including DICOM pre-set for medical applications and colour calibrations. Colour calibrations can be used for maritime applications, gamma corrections and a whole host of applications.

Supported Software

The IoT compact panel can be used by all Raspberry-supported operating systems. You also have the ability to program your own applications based on the Raspberry Pi and benefit from the support of a large community. Optionally you can implement the VideoPoster-IV if you’re looking for a ready-to-use standard application.

Find out more information on the Iot Compact Panel Overview.

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