The technology to turn your vision into reality

Published: 4 December 2019

The technology to turn your vision into reality

The technology to turn your vision into reality

Thanks to being part of a large group, Display Technology Ltd boasts strong financial stability and the ability to source any component, satisfying 100% of display/touch screen assembly requirements.

“One of our key benefits is that we have a European optical bonding facility which, coupled with our extensive range of local component inventory and evaluation kits, enables us to rapidly design, prototype and manufacture complex, reliable and robust display assemblies,” explained Paul Hooper, Sales Manager

A specialist supplier of display assemblies, Display Technology Ltd offers high end products in low to high volumes, serving a wide range of customers, particularly those with high performance products or for robust outdoor applications.

One of Display Technology Ltd’s notable products is Infinite Touch, its Projective Capacitive Touchscreen solution which has been designed to give you the unique finished product you want. By optically bonding the touch sensor to the rear cover glass, Display Technology Ltd creates a true flat touch feel, similar to that of modern day smart phones. The company has the ability to laminate touch films from sizes of 2.2” up to 32” on a standard or customised cover glass, which can be modified in an infinite number of ways.

Some of Infinite Touch’s features included edge to edge ‘TrueFlat Glass’ Project Capacitive (PCAP) technology, rear ceramic screen printing for corporate branding, product names and user interface icons, and a range of glass options, including low ion, anti-reflective, anti-glare, chemically toughened, and Gorilla glass.

What’s more, because Infinite Touch has a bespoke option, you have the freedom to create a touchscreen to fit your exacting requirements. Using VacuBond technology, Display Technology Ltd can optically bond the touchscreen to your chosen TFT display unit.

This is a three-step process, beginning with defining your cover glass, then choosing your touch foils and sensors, before finally receiving the finished product.

“After acquiring Display Solutions in 2018, the company has evolved,” explained Paul. “We’re focusing on expanding our UK customer base, and I was brought in to help in this area – I have over 25 years of experience in the display industry, specifically in the small to medium size display and touchscreen market. Our sister company in Germany, Distec GmbH, is very successful with a €55m turnover and our strategy is to replicate their focus and success to dramatically scale our business in the coming years.”

Indeed, with its extensive product range, expert capabilities and specialist display assemblies, Display Technology Ltd clearly has everything in place to realise these ambitions in the near future.

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