High bright monitors fit for today requirements on a Naval vessel

Published: 5 May 2021

High bright monitors fit for today requirements on a Naval vessel


According to Naval Technology*, updated technology is going to be rolled out across all future defence platforms and should be completed by 2030 for all warships, aircraft and land systems.



Naval Technology

The importance of today’s warships being equipped with the correct technical equipment is of high importance. Recognised as one of the largest platforms to carry complex weapons, equipment and today’s technology.

According to Naval Technology the goal is for all naval ships to undertake long endurance missions with less human interaction through advanced technology *. Naval Technology later went on to say the core to the competition is developing technologies that change the way the British Armed Forces approach decision-making, mission planning and automation, with a key goal of the competition’s second phase being the exploitation of a ‘human-machine network that could work collaboratively on military platforms.’


Experience is the key

With over 25 years in the business and working with many MOD project based applications, Display Technology Ltd understands the importance of robust, reliable and efficient equipment in Displays and Monitors.

To support the current demand for advanced technology, Display Technology Ltd specialises in high bright sun light readable monitors/displays.  The range of high bright displays offer brightness from 1000+ cd/m² up to 4500 cd/m, with a wide operating temperature range ensuring reliability in extreme conditions.

Aside from the high bright displays there are a number of services Display Technology Ltd can offer to make your product unique and as advanced as you like.

Services offered

1.     Touch Screen Components

Display Technology Ltd have a specialised team in touch integration to help you find the right solution

Options available:

·        Sizes from 2.2" to 65"

·        Control via USB, I²C and RS232 interface

·        Glass thickness up to 15mm

·        Water, salt and blood detection

·        Customised tale position


Advanced Infinite Touch options:

·        Special coatings such as, AG, AR or a privacy filter

·        Shatterproof cover glasses in different strengths for public areas

o   Chemically strengthened glass

o   Aluminosilicate glass (Dragon, Gorilla, Panda, Xensation)

·        Antibacterial glass (E. coli, S. aureus), optionally with AR or easy-clean coating

·        Glass processing

o   Cut-outs / holes

o   Fingertip recess or slider (circular / elongated), polished or ground

o   Edges, steps or grooves


2.     Optical Bonding

Optical Bonding is a technique that give you high quality sharpness and colour. It reduces the reflection of light on the surface by 99%

What is Optical Bonding?

It’s bonding a cover glass or touch screen to an LCD cell. It eliminates air gaps by inserting an adhesive, such as silicone gel, epoxy or urethane between the cover glass and the LCD.

Before and after image

optical bonding before and after (medium-large)

The benefits of optical bonding:

  • Increased vibration and shock resistance
  • Increased Contrast
  • No condensation or fogging
  • Zero contamination (of dust and dirt)
  • Improved heat dissipation (heat can dissipate through the front glass)
Monitor Housing

At design stage there are options for robust housing to ensure the monitor can endure harsh vibration and shock.

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