Feature Products: 10.1” TFT Solutions with a WUXGA Resolution

Published: 28 November 2018

Display Technology has a range of TFT displays available. Below we show you three 10.1" TFT feature products with a WUXGA (widescreen ultra-extended graphics array) resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.

AUO 10.1" TFT

News AUO 10.1 (medium)

AUO’s 10.1” G101UAN01.0 TFT display features a brightness of 380 cd/m² and wide symmetrical viewing angle of v/h 178°/178°, due to its implementation of A-HVA technology. The display includes an integrated LED backlight driving board and is controlled via an eDP interface.

You have the option to purchase the display as a standalone unit with an LVDS2eDP adapter board, or as a complete solution using the PrismaECo-eDP TFT controller. This allows for easy integration and gives you the flexibility to choose a solution that best suits your project requirements.

Ampire 10.1” TFT's

News Ampire 10.1 (medium)

Ampire offers the AM-19201200B1TZQW-00 and the AM-19201200B1TZQW-T51-A. The Ampire WUXGA AM-19201200B1TZQW-00 TFT display is very bright with 1000 cd/m², also boasting a wide operating temperature of -20 to + 70°C making it ideal for an outdoor environment.

The 10.1” AM-19201200B1TZQW-T51-A operates the same temperature range of -20 to + 70°C, featuring a brightness of 850 cd/m². The TFT display has a built-in touch screen, enabling the user easy operation with two fingers. Both Ampire TFT displays feature a wide viewing angle of v/h 170°/170° and have an integrated LED backlight driver. The displays are controlled via an LVDS interface.

Display Kit Solutions

Our displays are available as a kit solution as well as individual components. Fully tested display kit solutions will supply you with all the necessary components, including the display, TFT controller board and necessary cables all from one source.

Optical Bonding

Additionally you have the option to optically bond your compact display using the Vacubond® process. The process bonds together the components using a high performance silicone gel, removing any air gaps. Benefits of optical bonding include increased vibration and shock resistance, increased contrast, no contamination of dust or dirt, no condensation or fogging and improved heat dissipation.

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