Hover Touch Technology: The Future of User Interaction?

Published: 25 July 2022

Hover Touch Technology: The Future of User Interaction?

The event of COVID has brought to everyones attention how quickly germs can spread. Touching self service kiosks now puts a certain cause of concern through everyones mind due to the germs that are already there.

Our expertise lays with TFT LCD display assembly including touch technology. Thats why we want to highlight 'Hover Touch Technology' and how it works

What is 'Hover Touch'?

Hover touch is a new way of interacting with displays that doesn't require any physical contact. The user hovers their finger over the display to interact with it. This technology is perfect for self service kiosks as it eliminates the chance of spreading germs.

How does 'Hover Touch' work?

This technology uses an array of infrared sensors placed around the edge of the display. These sensors track the position of the users finger as it hovers over the screen. The system then uses algorithms to work out what the user is trying to do and interacts with the display accordingly.

Why is 'Hover Touch' better than other touch technologies?

There are several reasons why hover touch is a better option than other touch technologies. Firstly, it eliminates the need for any physical contact with the display. This means that there is no risk of spreading germs. Secondly, it is much more accurate than other touch technologies. This is because the user can see exactly where they are hovering their finger over the display. Thirdly, it is much more durable than other touch technologies. This is because there is no need for a physical layer on the display that can be damaged.

How would 'Hover Touch' benefit the medical sector?

The medical sector is one area where hover touch would be particularly beneficial. This is because it would eliminate the need for doctors and nurses to physically touch displays. This would reduce the risk of spreading germs in hospitals.

Also for patients, alot of hospitals are now asking their patients to register their arrival through a touch screen. Hover touch would make this process much safer for patients as they would not have to physically touch the display.

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