Industrial Monitors

Industrial Monitors

Designed and manufactured in Germany by our sister company Data Display Group, our industrial monitors are highly robust and ideal for all kinds of harsh environments. Our industrial monitors are designed to be reliable, flexible and failure-free.

Our Industrial Monitors

Our industrial products include the following:

Our Customised Industrial Monitor Solutions

At the Data Display Group we have more than 20 years’ experience of producing high quality products. We can supply components, controllers, firmware or programming for your industrial monitors, but we can also help to create your own bespoke project. Our team of experienced engineers can guide you in selecting the right products for your company’s requirements whether it is a new project, or if it is to be integrated into an existing system.  

By choosing our products you will guarantee high quality, optimum performance industrial monitors or an excellent project solution. We are able to offer a wide variety of TFT displays and industrial touch screens tailored to your specific requirements. The image below is an example of one of our complete project solutions in an industrial environment:

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For more information on our industrial monitors and industrial touch screens, please contact Display Technology today on 01634 672755 to see how we can help you find the perfect display solution.

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Industrial Touch Screens

Over recent years, there has been a significant rise in the use of industrial touch screens that are used for a whole range of tasks that are carried out within the industrial sector, particularly through integrating them with process controllers that create a single component touch screen PC.

A rise in such technology correlates with a significant rise in the popularity of touch screen products throughout the technology industry, including all types of user interfaces. It is now well known that touch screens are becoming a somewhat integral part of a business’s operations, and that applies directly to the industrial sector through the introduction of industrial touch screens.

Introducing industrial touch screens

Industrial touch screens are a variation to the standard touch screen technology, more notably due to the way that they are designed and produced. The industrial monitors have been created in a way that allows the products to tolerate the most extreme of environments, rather than for use in a normal setting.

Our industrial touch screens are designed to withstand any damage that can be caused by exposure to dust and water on a larger scale, as well as being produced with more suitable and durable components.

What environment are industrial touch screens typically used in?

Many different types of businesses use industrial monitors for their business operations, meaning that the equipment can be used by all types of people in a whole variety of different environments:

Subject to extreme conditions

Our industrial monitors can be used in a whole variety of environments, including some of the more extreme conditions that may be associated with a business workspace. The industrial products that we produce are designed to withstand high levels of humidity, extreme variations in temperatures, condensation and also exposure to rain or moisture.

Contact with dirt or dust

We take extra measures to ensure that our products are created with potential dirt or dust contact in mind. Businesses that work in waste management, textile processing, material production or agricultural processes may expose their technology to dirt and dust, which standard technology would not cope with. As well as this, for industrial touch screens that are used in supermarkets, customers with dirty, dusty or wet hands may use the equipment, and so it is important that we provide preventative measures to protect the screens.

Demanding processes

The solutions that we design and manufacture are also capable of dealing with a variety of demanding situations, particularly in businesses where the technology and equipment that they use needs to be extremely reliable, with a minimised risk of being damaged or breaking. As well as this, regular use of the equipment is necessary for businesses to operate, and our technology has been scientifically designed to cater to this.

Display Technology have a professional team that have continuously designed and produced high quality industrial touch screens for many years, placing us in the best position to meet all of your requirements. If you would like more information about industrial monitors or would like to discuss your options, please contact us to speak with a member of our team.

For more information about our industrial touch screens or our industrial monitors, please contact us today.

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