About Us

Established in 2001, UK based Display Technology is part of the Data Display Group (Germering, Germany), operating in 5 different countries. Since the beginning of 2016 we have been owned by the Fortec Elektronik AG Group of companies giving us access to an even wider range of products.  

We like to be close to our customers in order to provide a high quality service, with the purchasing power of a multi-national company.

Our main products/services are:


Display Technology is part of the Fortec Group, operating over 2 continents. The group turnover is circa 85 million Euros. This allows us to have the strength of an abroad line, but the flexibility and expertise of a specialist. We have a full R & D department developing new products, and an engineering team with 4 different production facilities.

At these locations we are able to add value to TFT’s whether it’s by simply adding a touch screen, to building a complete finished monitor. Most importantly it gives us the ability to pool our stock and gives us access to a huge amount of global stock. It also allows us to increase our quantities from a supplier by building relationships and enjoying lower pricing through purchase power. 


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