Touch Foils (medium)Display Technology are a distributor of Zytronic touch foils and sensors. Zytronic touch technology is ideal for large format interactive digital signage and information displays used in retail, advertising and exhibitions.

Zytronic touch foils are designed for temporary or semi-permanent mounting to a rear surface of a rigid transparent substrate, for example a single pane shop window. Once the toils foils are installed and connected to a touch controller and PC they can be operated by touching the outside surface of the single pane window.

Your Touch Foil options include:


The ZYFILM® transparent touch foil is available in sizes up to 85” and intended for use in front of an LCD (when mounted to a suitable  supporting  substrate).


The ZYPROFILM® touch  foil has an integral laminated  rear  projection  film, available in customisable sizes up to 85”. It is intended for use with a  rear projection system (when mounted to a suitable supporting substrate). Both sensor types are available with either  ‘cling  film’  front  surface  for  easy application and removal, or optically ‘clear’ adhesive. 

How Does Touch Foil work?

The unique sensing characteristics of  PCT™  and  MPCT™  sensors  eliminate the need for an operating force. The foil sensors are designed to be mounted behind and operate through a supporting substrate such as a single pane glass window in a shop.

The touchscreen is divided into an X-Y matrix of sensing cells, using an array of embedded 10μm copper electrodes. These electrodes are connected to a controller board and a charge is applied to the array.

Single/Dual touch - When a capacitive body approaches the surface of the  sensor, a change in the oscillating frequency of the tracks around that particular point is registered; the position is then determined by the controller and firmware combination.

Multi Touch - When a finger or conductive stylus approaches the surface of  the sensor, a change in the charge is detected in the nodes immediately beneath adjacent cells; the position is then determined by the controller and firmware combination.

Benefits of Using Touch Foils for Your Business

Touch Foils are a great option for content that is to be displayed outdoors; as they are protected by the glass or screen that the Touch Foils are applied to, making them completely vandal-proof, weather and glare resistant, so you can use Touch Foils in direct sunlight and under artificial lights without the quality of your content being compromised.

It’s easy to create diverse displays with Touch Foils as this technology provides businesses with numerous avenues to display promotional and informative content. As they can be applied to windows, businesses can display informative content, digital signage, promotional discounts, high resolution images, animations and more.

As they can be applied easily to screens or glass surfaces, Touch Foils are useful as permanent or temporary displays, allowing businsesses to create seasonal or all-year round content with ease.

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ZXY500 Multi-Touch Controller

The Zytronic ZXY500 touch controller has been set to the test with water. Watch the results below.


ZXY500 Multi-Touch Controller

ZXY500 Virtual Button Concept Video


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