Transport display systems require low power with high brightness.

Display Technology have been involved in some of the largest worldwide rail contracts, supplying monitors for CCTV displays on the trains and other projects providing real-time information systems (PIDS).

Passengers and visitors require up-to-date real-time information, we have a range of products to offer and all meet EN50155 standards. Display systems in train stations are required to run continuously round the clock, with no over-heating. Our products offer the technical standards, environmental specifications, electromagnetic interference requirement, operating temperature, humidity and isolation requirements.

Our range of Litemax products meet these requirements and have already been installed in worldwide transport projects.

Litemax ITRP-2845 model  is certified by the railway standards of EN50155 meets all these requirements. This certification demonstrates Litemax’s commitment to contributing its expertise to the transportation sector.

The Litemax ITRP- 2845 steps up to the challenge with its many unique characteristics. With ten units installed at the immigration checkpoint at Terminal 2, the Litemax 2845 of high-brightness (1000 nits) and wide viewing angles ensure that all passengers are able to clearly see the instructions on the passport verification process, even from the end of the waiting line, regardless of any angle. The bright and clear displays allow passengers to have their documents ready prior to reaching the immigration officers, reducing wait time for all. Its low power consumption and high life expectancy makes it cost-effective and able to keep up with the nonstop operations of passport control.
Most importantly, unlike most other LCD displays, the Spanpixel 2845 is a stretched panel with an ultra-wide aspect ratio of 16:3, making it more suitable for long, stretched out places such as various areas of the airport, as well as transportation hubs, exhibition halls and department stores. This unique size is made possible with Litemax’s exclusive patent to cut the glass, polarizers, circuits and circuit boards to a new size without diminishing its performance, so that it can be utilized as high-definition digital signage anywhere.

Other railway products we can offer:

·         EN50155 certified panel PC’s and displays


·         E-Mark e13 and ISO 7637 certified box PC’s


·         Touch customisation options using PCAP, SAW and IR technologies


We can also provide a variety of custom solutions including industrial high brightness displays with bonded AMT touch sensors, as well as, a variety of networking solutions for on board camera systems.

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