Display Technology are specialists in industrial displays, providing our clients with bespoke solutions for a vast range of applications, from outdoor parking machines and way finding units to reliable industrial touch screens and LCD displays.

As manufacturers of complete industrial monitors and screen solutions, we have many years of experience in the outdoor displays market, so we understand the importance of functional and cutting edge solutions which are built to last. Through intelligent decision making at the design stage, we ensure that we form the right partnerships early in the development process in order to support you all the way through the products lifecycle.

Specialists in the Outdoor Display Market

We can provide a wide variety of industrial displays and outdoor signage solutions including:

  • Enhanced brightness and sunlight readability displays (up to 2000cd/m2)
  • Bespoke Analogue/Digital display drivers with wide temperature ranges
  • Custom PCAP industrial touch screens with glass front protection (up to 20mm thick)
  • Anti-Reflective and Anti-Glare coatings
  • Full custom housings with temperature control of the display unit
  • Optical Bonding solutions to improve readability and shock resistance and reduce contrast and condensation

Sunlight Readability

One of the main problems with outdoor signage and industrial displays is the brightness and readability of the screen. External industrial monitors tend to be used in areas where natural sunlight may hinder the clarity of the content on the TFT. IP ratings are also essential to an outdoor display unit as the elements could inevitably degrade the units functionality, which can create many challenges in providing the right outdoor display solution.

Expert Advice and Guidance on Choosing Industrial Displays

We provide outdoor display solutions which offer maximum functionality and the most interactive experience possible, using our engineering expertise to create off-the-shelf industrial displays that can range between 700- 5000cd. Through our close partnerships with many companies, we can also provide weather proof enclosures which can be custom build to suit your individual requirements.

We have complete control over the manufacture of our products from start to finish and we will offer our advice and guidance throughout the process, as well as attending the site to ensure the correct product is used. So you can rest assured knowing that we will supply the perfect industrial display solution to meet your needs.

Market Sectors - Outdoor Displays (large)

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