Display Technology have a vast amount of experience in providing solutions for the medical sector.

We understand the requirements and the strict guidelines of this industry and that display technology for the medical sector needs to be highly reliable, safe for patients, easy to clean and effective over long periods of extended use.

The display interface is an essential component to many medical displays so we can integrate a number of complementary technologies including:

  • Wide-angled LCD medical displays
  • True-colour quality image reproduction
  • Rugged and durable medical touch screen technologies
  • Image enhancing optical bonding

Bespoke Technology

As a manufacturer and design partner, our expertise is not limited to single format finished medical displays, so we will work with you to create a bespoke solution to suit the application so it's in keeping with your current products and brand. We can also look at various options for your medical touch screens, including front edge-to-edge glass with screen printed logo's to make the product look even more polished and aesthetically pleasing.

Complete Control

We have control over the whole product lifecycle from the LCD medical displays and monitor chassis to the individual components and drive electronics, using either our in-house products or through our relationships with other manufacturers for access to industrial single board computer products with a 5 year + lifecycle management, designed to meet the demands of the medical market.

One of the major benefits of working with a dedicated display specialist like us is that we are one of the few companies that offer ‘dry bond optical bonding’. Optical bonding not only improves the clarity of the screen, but also allows for any gaps to be eradicated between the TFT and cover glass / touch screen to limit the possibility of the unit becoming damaged and to ensure that bacteria or germs cannot be trapped in this area - a critical requirement for medical display solutions.

Peace of Mind

By using Display Technology, you have the peace of mind that every medical display we supply is backed up by literature and detailed documentation from the manufacture themselves, as well as excellent customer service and technical support provided by our in-house team.

We can also help guide you through the engineering and EMC/CE approvals process with our many years of experience and knowhow of previous customer partnerships.

Medical Market Sector (large)

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