The digital signage market continues to grow at an increasing rate due to falling costs of TFT LCDs and robust digital media players, making digital signage a more attractive proposition when compared to competing advertising formats, including print media, TV advertising and online marketing.

Display Technology can bring together all the components that turn a digital signage concept into a reality. Our experience at each stage of the project management process allows us to advise on the best route to take in regards to hardware, software and content creation.

We have already delivered a large range of digital signage solutions in a variety of sectors including:

Helping You Make The Right Decisions

We can help you to understand the return on investment of our digital signage solutions whether it's through increased POP sales, improved customer interaction or brand recognition - understanding the costs and rewards upfront will ensure that you are making the right decision and that we are providing the right digital signage displays for you.

We have a range of options for creating digital signage including:

State-of-the-Art Software

Not only do we supply the components and the hardware for your digital signage displays, we can also provide our free state-of-the-art Artista Control Centre Software and Device Finder to enhance the digital signage experience.

Our specialist software is designed for the management of DigiPosters and VideoPosters and allows you to create custom playlists, which are transferable via a network. Our device manager allows easy administration of all attached media players and includes a status display for easy monitoring.

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