Zytronic Introduces Innovative ZXY500 Multi-Touch Controller

Published: 30 May 2018

Zytronic Introduces Innovative ZXY500 Multi-Touch Controller

Zytronic, PCAP touch technology specialist announces the release of the ZXY500™ range of cutting edge multi-touch controllers. Using state of the art Mutual Projected Capactive Technology (MPCT) the ZXY500™ range of controllers delivers full multi-touch performance and flexibility. The ZXY500™ controller features multi-touch functionality with palm rejection, higher noise immunity, faster speed of operation and the ability to offer reduced non-active borders for Zytronic multi-touch sensors. The touch controller is integrated next to the touch screen without impairing the performance.

How it works

The ZXY500™ touch sensor is made up of a matrix of X-Y sensing cells, using an array of low resistance, microfine electrodes, which are near invisible to the human eye on a powered display. These electrodes are connected to the remotely mounted touch controller, where a charge is generated and applied to the sensing array. 

When a finger, conductive stylus or known object approaches the surface of the sensor, a change in the charge applied to the array is detected at the electrode nodal crossing points within the sensing array. This change in charge is detected by the touch controller, the position of the applied touch is then determined by the powerful on-board touch detection algorithms to produce highly accurate position and movement on the screen. Unlike conventional surface capacitive and optical touch solutions, the active component of the MPCT is embedded behind the front substrate, ensuing protection, long life and stability.

Features & Benefits

The ZXY500™ boasts a whole host of benefits, some which include:

• Capability to detect up to 80 touches simultaneously.

• Compact touch controller boards, giving you more opportunity for integration with compact system designs.

• Ability to detect the touch of a gloved hand, making it ideal for use in outdoor, industrial and medical applications.

• Touch detection unaffected by environmental conditions, i.e. rain, oil, snow etc.

• Rapid touch detection and reduced latency.

• On board calibration storage and fully firmware upgradable.

• Multiple on board configurable communication options – USB, Serial, I2C, SPI.

• Chip set available upon request.

• Pressure sensing, object recognition and virtual button firmware options available

• Windows 7, 8,10, Linux and Android plug-and-play HID support.

• USB powered.

ZXY500 (large)


The ZXY500™ controllers are not compatible with former Zytronic touch sensors including the ZXY150/200/300. This is due to the advancement in the new ZXY500™ sensor designs.

ZXY500 Extreme Water Test Video

ZXY500 Virtual Button Concept Video

For more information download the data sheet and features and benefits guide.

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