Vandal resistant touch technology you can rely upon

Published: 8 November 2019

Vandal resistant touch technology you can rely upon

At Display Technology Ltd, we offer a range of award winning projective capacitive technology touchscreens that can withstand some of the most demanding environments. For applications, where security and durability are essential, additional features can be applied in the manufacturing process to ensure there is no compromise to performance.

Touchscreens have become part of our everyday life, and are increasingly installed in unattended outdoor locations, with users expecting the same levels of performance they enjoy from their personal smart phones and tablets. Such self-service applications include kiosks, vending machines and ATM’s - and all are a target for vandalism.

To counter this threat, our touchscreens are available in a wide range of thicknesses, and with different strengthening treatments (thermal or chemical toughening) and are tested to ensure that each design passes the specified customer or industry required impact standards (e.g. UL60950, IK10, UL22, etc.). Furthermore, for extreme applications such as HMI control panels for use in hazardous or explosive environments such as mines, oil rigs and petrochemical facilities, we can laminate 2 or more layers of glass together to create touch sensors capable of safely retaining a spark or explosion within the panel PC and preventing it from reaching the potentially flammable atmosphere.

With decades of experience in both, we know all about glass processing and projected capacitive touch technology, and that’s why when you choose to work with us, you can be confident that the product we manufacture for you, will meet your particular project needs. Our touch sensors remain fully operational through extreme weather conditions and irrespective of any surface contamination, as well as gloved hand operation, making them ideal for outdoor and heavy use applications.


Combined  with our latest, proprietary ZXY500 touch controller, providing multi-touch functionality, sophisticated ‘palm rejection’ algorithms, class leading electromagnetic immunity and millisecond level touch response speeds – we deliver an unbeatable user experience.

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