New Individual Display Forms give you the Freedom to Design your Ideal Application

Published: 7 November 2018

New Individual Display Forms give you the Freedom to Design your Ideal Application

In recent years it has almost become standard to find devices with integrated TFT displays and touch displays. Your standard display is typically rectangular, which doesn’t always match the device and application in every case.

Display Technology is excited to announce that our display manufacturer Tianma is now offering a new solution allowing you to create spectacular freeform displays.

Whether it be round, oval, polygonal or trapezoidal, the majority of shapes are possible. Tianma has even introduced TFT displays with a hole in the middle.

How does it work?

To be able to produce TFT’s in such extraordinary shapes Tianma have developed a number of new processes, for example individually embedding gate drivers and applying extremely accurate laser cutting techniques.

The TFT displays are very narrow, whilst still delivering clear detailed graphics with a high contrast of 1,000,000:1. If you’re looking for integrated PCAP touch screen this is also available as an option on request.

The possibilities are endless…

The option for individual display forms opens up opportunities for a whole host of application, as the display form will be adapted to suit the function of your device.

Whether it is for special medical or industrial devices or for use in mobile or automotive applications a design will be created to perfect fit your application. Tianma’s design motto is “form follows function”.

This gives you the freedom to design your application as required, eliminating the need to adapt your design to conform to a standard TFT display dimensions.

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