How Display Technology is being used in military applications for Night Vision Imaging

Published: 16 November 2021

How Display Technology is being used in military applications for Night Vision Imaging

In combat and use in other sectors like policing and civilian security, we’ve seen an explosion in demand for high performance Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS). These handy display systems allow for enhanced visibility at night by emitting a small section of dim light that is easier to see at night.

Night Vision Imaging System displays make up part of Display Technology’s vast catalogue of military standard displays and embedded systems.

The effectiveness of NVIS imagery is dependent on the quality of display used in the system, as poor displays can make it difficult to make out figures and images. That’s where Display Technology’s Taiwanese partner Litemax comes in, offering displays specifically designed for use in Night Vision Imaging.

Litemax’s displays come equipped with a specialist NVIS cap filter on the LED backlight. This allows for easily configurable use between day mode (with 50% brightness off) and enhanced night mode. Litemax calls this feature ‘dual-mode backlighting’ – allowing for easy day and night mode use.

These displays for Night Vision Systems allow for covert and effective operation of display equipment at night. Military system designers use these displays for mobile radar stations or military vehicle operation. Standard displays can be too bright for use at night, negatively impacting covert operations. However, having displays that are designed exclusively for night use can make equipment unusable during the day.

The Litemax display’s ability to switch from normal brightness in day mode to night mode using NVIS adds a lucrative level of versatility perfect for covert military deployment.

Other features of Litemax’s stellar NVIS display is a wide operating temperature of 30 ̊C - 70 ̊C and its low power consumption. This makes the display perfect for prolonged outdoor use and can be powered by portable batteries for in-the-field use.

Who is Litemax?

Our partner providing these excellent displays for our military portfolio is Litemax. Founded in 2000, Litemax Electronics are a display manufacturer from Taiwan, renown for their high-quality industry leading display technology.

First positioning themselves as a reputable supplier of sunlight readable industrial displays, Litemax has now established themselves as a trusted name for all of your display needs.

Alongside military-use displays like the NVIS systems, Litemax offers fantastic options for digital signage as well as excellent products for use in transportation and rail. These displays are specially designed to be ultra-efficient, be incredibly reliable and also adhere to all relevant standards for your market sector.

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