Company Profile: Cervoz

Published: 26 February 2019

Company Profile: Cervoz

Established in 2006, Cervoz specialises in embedded components for the demanding Industrial PC market. The company produces industrial storage and memory products for a range of market sectors including computing, factory automation, telecoms, transportation, information and entertainment.

Cervoz – Core Competences

Industrial Grade Design

Cervoz use superior original Flash & DRAM ICs, high quality components and rugged mechanical materials for the industrial grade design of all of their products.

Unified Product Management & Production Flow

The company have different product series using both industrial and commercial technologies (SLC & MLC), however all products are developed with one unified product management and production flow; they are all processed in the same stringent procedures in order to meet the highest industrial standards.

Long-term Product Availability

All products are designed using long life-cycle components.

Fixed Bill of Materials Principle

All products are managed with a fixed BOM principle. They do not make changes to any of the components after the products have been launched.

High Reliability

Reliability has always been a key focus for Cervoz. From design, engineering verification, production to quality control; the most rigorous tests are performed.

Top Compatibility

Cervoz’s R&D expertise results in their products being highly compatible with various PC platforms. In addition, Cervoz performs various tests with different PC configurations to guarantee the full compatibility of their Flash & DRAM modules.

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