Ortustech Display Delivers Perfect Readability in Sunlight using up to 60% Less Power Consumption Compared to Conventional TFT Displays

Published: 21 January 2019

It is vital that displays used in mobile, or battery powered devices offer a wide operating temperature range and high vibration resistance, whilst still delivering a clear legible output in all lighting conditions. In direct sunlight users will often have to contend with reflections and a blurred legibility of content displayed.

To combat this issue the screen brightness must be increased, which has an impact on the life span of the backlight and the battery. 

COM43H4N44ULC (medium-large)

Ortustech have used the innovative New Blanview technology in their TFT displays to deliver up to 60% lower power consumption in comparison to transmissive displays. With lowered power consumption it also reduces the heat generated whilst the display is in operation, an advantage when exposed to direct sunlight. The technology delivers the perfect solution to meet the requirements of mobile applications.

Ortustech’s latest product using Blanview technology is the COM43H4N44ULC 4.3” TFT display. Featuring a wide operating temperature range of -30 to +85 degC and high vibration resistance up to 6.8G, the display is predestined for use in harsh rugged environments, such as the construction, agricultural machinery and maritime sector.

Weighing only 58g also makes the display ideal for slim, lightweight module designs for handheld devices. Blanview technology is ideal for achieving great sunlight readability and reducing up to 60% less power consumption, when compared to a conventional TFT.

Product Highlights:

  • LED Backlight specified as 50,000hours for use on a typical brightness of 550cd/m²
  • Wide operating temperature range: -30 ℃ to + 85 ℃
  • Resolution 480 x 272 pixels
  • Vibration Resistance: up to 6.8G
  • Lightweight: 58g
  • Backlight with high brightness and long product life
  • Blanview technology

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