Creating Eye Catching Content with Bar Type TFT Displays

Published: 11 December 2017

Creating Eye Catching Content with Bar Type TFT Displays

Create effective visual displays within restrictive spaces.Bar Type (aka Stretch) TFT displays have the added benefit of being ultra-wide giving a long thin format.

Where space is limited and there’s not enough room for a standard display the Bar Type TFT offers an unusual panoramic format to suit your needs. Perfect for many applications, the Bar Type TFT creates eye-catching visuals.

Available in various aspect ratios the Bar Type TFT is designed to suit an array of applications with diagonals ranging from 6.2” up to a massive 57”.

The Bar Type TFT displays have been designed for various uses including overhead displays in public areas, transportation, shelf edge displays and digital signage, but we are seeing new and interesting applications daily.

Web Autopanel (medium)

Pictured above is the native mask 37” Bar Type Display (P370IVN01.0). With a resolution of 1920x 540 pixels its wide viewing angle is v/h 178/178 and displays with a brightness of 1000cd/m² gives users optimum viewing of the screens content from all angles, especially important when the display is mounted above eye level and the high brightness ensure the display is seen in various lighting conditions.

We are also able to supply the Bar Type screens with a matching touchscreen through our Infinite touch range if required giving a unique customer experience.

Approved & Tested

We can offer the bar type displays as fully tested VGA / DVI / HDMI / DP / Video kit solutions with our Prisma TFT Controller Boards or our Artista-IoT intelligent driver board. Our firmware ensures that the OSD menu is visible completely in the display area.

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