Modular Computing (COM Express)

Our expertise in offering solutions using embedded boards has expanded through to modular computing. Modular computing is a range of new formats which are designed to be incorporated onto a carrier board.

This gives two main benefits; the carrier board can be designed with the exact I/O a functionality of the overall requirement, and the second being that it is easy to upgrade as technology moves forward.

We specialise in COM Express (Basic, Compact and Mini), Qseven, SMARC and ETX solutions and offer standard and bespoke carrier boards

NEW - We have also recently introduced the CM3 PI with our own flexible IoT Carrier board and are currently working with the Litemax we can offer the Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel®SDM) to supply as a component or in conjunction with the Litemax LCD Modules

Like all our solutions our focus is to work on industrial applications where reliability and long term availability are critical.  We offer design-in support, full kits (Display / Cables / BIOS / OS) solutions and EOL/PCN management.

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Modular Computing by Type:

COM Express Basic

COM Express Basic (medium)

COM Express Mini

COM Express Mini (medium)


QSeven (medium)


Modular Computing by Type:

COM Express Compact

COM Express Compact (medium)


ETX (medium)


SMARC (medium)


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