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Our Panel PCs offer an industrial display with a built-in computer. Our range is available with Intel® Atom, Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs. Additionally, we can supply our Panel PC displays with a multi-touch system, creating a more interactive experience for the user.

What is an Industrial Panel PC?

Although there are a number of names given to Panel PC’s (Open Frame Panel PC, Panel Mount PC) an Industrial Panel PC is an integrated touch screen panel and computer which are built in within a frame. The all-in-one design makes them suitable for kiosks and similar machines that have open spaces designed for these types of displays.

Open Frame Panel PC’s are extremely reliable and can resist extreme weather conditions as well as harsh environments that may include dirt, dust and water due to its water-tight and contamination-proof seal. Industrial Panel PC’s are also worth investing in if the environment you intend to place your display inwill be exposed to other environmental factors such as vibrations and shocks.

Benefits of Industrial Panel PC’s

Panel Mount PC’s provide you with an effective tool, whether it’s used for commercial content for POS / POP or for employee use in industries such as, medical, automotive, retail and even aerospace.

Industrial Panel PC’s are designed to work effectively even under poor lighting conditions. This is important as touch screen functions won’t be as effective if those using the display cannot read what’s on the screen. Aside from being optimized for readability, touch screen functions are supported through various ratios and sizes.

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