London Railway stations

 London Railway stations

High bright displays provide critical information at London Railway stations

Display Technology provide high bright displays to help ease travellers experience

Display Technology have recently been involved with a new project for London Railways. The new Totem Display designed to help travellers receive live information for any train delays/disruptions across any of the railway network, have recently been put into place across all the London stations.

The totem display is portable and is suitable for indoors and outdoor public environments. The totem display not only tells you any delays or hold-ups,but also shows you video content as to the reason. The totem offers options to view information of your choice through touch screen capabilities.

Requirements of the project

43” high bright display, with low power consumption

The display will be running 24 hrs and the technology will provide real time data.

To be suitable for a public environment and to be used outdoors

Offer touch technology


Litemax 43”

Worked with our partner Zytronic who supplied 2 different sensor designs, suitable to work with outside applications.

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