A Unique Communication Video Wall at the RAC

A Unique Communication Video Wall at the RAC

With high demands on its breakdown rescue service, the RAC has upgraded its two control centres with the introduction of a unique digital signage solution, a video wall dashboard consisting of 38 LCD screens and two video walls.

Measuring 2.9 x 3.01m in size, the first video wall uses 15 46” full HD ultra-thin bezel backlit LCD display screens whilst the second is made up of 3 55” displays covering 1.2m x 2.0m. The walls are driven by 46 Shuttle DS61 embedded PCs supplied by Display Technology.

The RAC’s 24/7 call centre operations cover two sites, one at Bescot, the main Operational Control and Training Centre, and one in Stretford, Manchester, and together handle on average 9,800 calls per day and dispatches patrols to around 6,000 breakdowns.

The video walls display live telephony statistics and employee communication messages, helping to deliver the expected high level of customer service, as well as an overview of patrol vans and member breakdown locations across the UK.

The solution was provided by digital signage and visual communications expert Sabercom, based in Kent, UK. The RAC required a system solution that could display live call statistics, news, weather and travel RSS feeds, videos, member and RAC corporate information as well as team specific content.

How Display Technology Could Help

In need of a quality digital signage communication platform that could be delivered in a fast turnaround time, Sabercom turned to long term and trusted partner Display Technology.

Display Technology supplied Sabercom with Shuttle’s DS61, a slim, but powerful x86-based digital signage platform that offers top quality, performance and connectivity to meet the required needs.

With its robust metal chassis and wide operating temperature range, the DS61 is an industrial-grade signage platform with dual display support, and designed for long-term, smooth and reliable operation to help guarantee the video wall’s 24/7 operation.

”Our development team produced a system that not only tracks live RAC patrol and member breakdown locations but enables the RAC to zoom in to street level and pinpoint the exact locations of the breakdowns and patrol vehicles,” explains Oliver Candy, Sabercom’s Technical Director. “In addition to this, the video wall can display 8 live metrics at once, including number of patrols despatched and members rescued. All of this is controllable through Sabercom with the help of the highly reliable Shuttle DS61 provided by Display Solutions.”

“For this project we utilised Shuttle’s quick supply base for the DS61 and succeeded in turning around the order in just 8 working days to the end customer,” adds Brendan O’Reilly, commercial manager at Display Technology. “Shuttle’s product range offers a vast level of longevity with the support of a full array of Intel processors, memory configuration and storage. We configured and built all 46 units in house and personally delivered them to the RAC.”

Through Sabercom’s web based user interface, powered by the Shuttle DS61, each of the 18 different business group leaders can login to change statistics displayed, update live team messages and add new content to specified regions of their screens on an ad hoc basis during the week. Content can be scheduled well in advance and set to automatically expire, meaning that the screens are always showing relevant information.

An Administrator has control over all screens at both sites to manage content for special events. Screens can be used to display RAC content designed specifically for VIP visitors and then scheduled to return to business as usual content when the visitors have left the building.

“The complete installation was delivered on time and within budget as a result of Sabercom’s and Display Technology's rapid turnaround time and hard work put into the project,” concludes Chris Balmforth, Property & Facilities Manager at the RAC. “We are extremely pleased with our unique digital signage solution and are certain it will help to further improve our customer service levels to meet the needs of our ever growing customer base.”

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