TFT LCD Displays

TFT LCD Displays

How DT choose which suppliers to support

At Display Technology we understand that each market sector has different requirements, therefore we pick our suppliers based on what our customers want. But, there is a common process and thought strategy used, when picking each supplier. We aim to offer TFT LCD displays of the best quality for the price, and where we can secure a continuity of supply. The quality of products reflects on our business, and so we do not want to be linked to inferior quality stock. We also understand that there is a certain amount of development time, approvals and cost if a product changes.

With every development we look at the impact and consult with our clients the best route forward in order to meet requirements. When we choose a partner, unlike some TFT display suppliers, we do not just add on without understanding how the range fits within our business model. It is also important that we can add value to a suppliers range for an improved solution for the end customer.

We know all our TFT monitors will require support from other components within our range, including touch screens, interface cards or backlight controllers. Therefore we endeavour to fully test new panels for compatibility prior to releasing onto the market. 

Your Guide To Purchasing TFT Displays

Our team within Display Technology and the rest of the company group have many years’ experience working with TFT LCD displays. We choose our senior sales people based on their knowledge rather than salesmanship. When we discuss a new opportunity with a client we will use experience to direct the customer, not just send them a quote for a part number. Often we will talk about other support products, but there is no pressure selling, we are here to support the customer to a level they are comfortable with. 

For more information on our TFT monitors or any of our TFT LCD displays, please contact Display Technology today on 01634 672755 to see how we can help you find the perfect TFT display solution.

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