Design & Manufacture

Design & Manufacture

A lot of our business is based on bespoke solutions, simply from supplying a custom cable to a complete new finished monitor. We are ISO9001 approved so all monitor designs are controlled through drawing revision, customer sign off and PCN where necessary. 

We have competent touch screen design engineers on different levels, including:

Longevity of supply is key and we endeavour to design a product using components with a good continuity of supply. If something should go obsolete we would be able to upgrade with no or minimal disruption to the monitor design, we look for form-fit-function capability. 

Our Touch Screen Design Services include:

  • Mechanical Design - One of our biggest strengths is rapid prototyping for bespoke finished and open frame chassis'. We have a selection of standard POSLine Displays but if one POSLineof these is not suitable we will look at mechanical brief and engineer a solution. Whether it be another product which needs upgrading, or a new monitor design, we will design a solution aiming to tick all the boxes. Once the touchscreen design is complete and approved, if required we can certify the product to the appropriate standard e.g. CE testing
  • Electronic Design -  Within the group we have developed our own in-house Prisma range of AD cards, Industrial media players and LED backlight drivers. We control the design so we are able to modify, adapt or re-work very quickly to enable new functions. 
  • Complete TFT/SBC Kits - Includes preloading the SBC's with an image - we have the mass programming tools to burn images on SSD and HDD. Our ISO9001 and use of SAP PrismaMEDIA-Ecoensures that we have full traceability. We allocate kits with unique parts, eliminating the risk of forgetting to order materials. We aim to always get it right. 
  • Firmware Adjustments (to our Prisma range) - We often see customers who need the Prisma to perform certain functions e.g. fixed colour settings or timing to support legacy CRT displays. By modifying the firmware we can give each customer the functions they need.
  • Fitting of Touchscreens - We can fit touchscreens to LCD's in our clean room environment. This means the customer does not have to take the risk as we can fit the touch screen avoiding breakage, misalignment or contamination. Depending on the application and budget we can use our highly effective strip bonding method or optical bonding. 
  • Optical Bonding - To maximise daylight readability and ruggedness we have invested highly in a European based optical bonding facility. This is the process of applying silicone between the front of the LCD and the touchscreen cover filter. 
  • TFT Enhancements (High Bright/Transflective) - We have many years experience in exchanging standard backlights Side view infinite touchand filter stacks with enhanced performance components offering premium high bright displays or bespoke backlights (i.e. night vision compatible backlights - NVIS).
  • Infinite Touch - Recently introduced is our infinity range of PCAP touchscreens, giving infinite options of touch. With no or small level of engineering (based on artwork) we can produce tablet edge to edge true flat glass touch screen designs which are shaped and branded. The tablet market has set a benchmark of what is expected from a touchscreen we are adding the finish needed. We now supply infinite touch to a range of markets including medical, gaming, vending and process control.

For more information on our monitor and touch screen design service or to discuss your requirements with dedicated touch screen manufacturers, contact Display Technology today on 01634 672755 to see how we can help you find the perfect display solution.

Examples of our bespoke designs:

Infinite Touch CTA