Streamline your content with the Artista IoT TFT Contoller. A perfect addition to your display solution.

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Published: 12 March 2018

The Artistia-IoT has been designed to work with a wide range of applications, offering the customer almost limitless possibilities for controlling digital display solutions. The Artista-IoT can be implemented on display sizes from 5.7” up to 65”. Compatible with many of the popular TFT displays it also allows you to directly control PCAP touch screens. Through intelligent networking of devices the Artisita-IoT TFT controller can be easily adapted to meet you specific project requirements. Through integration of the correct computer module into the media board the Artista IoT delivers unlimited possibilities.


Based upon the Raspberry Pi Computer Module 3 with 4GB eMMC Flash and an SD card for expansion you have the option to program the Artista-IoT yourself or incorporate existing operating systems and software solutions. Suitable operating systems include the Linux system, Raspbian or Emteria’s industrial Android system, which is based on AOSP 7.x.

The Artistia IoT also hosts its own user software. Developed in-house our VideoPoster-Iv media player software allows you to play full HD video and view image files. VideoPoster also has the benefit of optional motion sensors allowing you the option of switching the display on only when needed, saving you energy.

Through our technology partner Info-beamer we are able to offer a wide array of digital signage applications, not limited to but including room management, advertising and information displays. Info-beamer supports the Artista-IoT and gives you access to many options to utilise your application to its full potential.

The Artista IoT is available as both a kit and a customised solution on a project by project basis. For more information on the Artista IoT and its capabilities get in touch on +44(0)1634 672755 or email us.


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